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Kim is about to release (November 15th)  a beautifully boxed set of Aroma Cards. Essential oil popularity has skyrocketed but education about them and how to safely use them is often confusing and sometimes conflicting.

Kim has painstakingly prepared these cards to ensure they contain in-depth information on 50 popular essential oils. They are designed for the essential oil enthusiast and include the physical and emotional qualities as well as how to use them, and make your own personal blends safely. On the flip side of each card is an inspirational message that can be inserted into a card holder that comes with the box of cards.

Coming in 2018

Kim is set to release a new book in 2018 Why Can’t you be Normal like me?” which delves deeper into personality types and how we can seek to better understand why we connect with some people and not others.

Also coming in 2018  Like Chocolate for Women” ll  The updated version will feature, never before told antidote’s, inspiring stories from women Kim has met over the past eight years and so much more.

Kim has also co-authored  Like Chocolate for Women – an International best seller.  Like an Apple a DayAbout Face and Read My Lips

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