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Cooking With Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only fabulous for your health and wellbeing, they’re actually quite amazing when it comes to cooking and there can be much satisfaction and appreciation for these intense flavour agents when used correctly.   As you dive deeper into the qualities and properties of essential oils, you’ll discover that a number of them belong just as much in the kitchen as

Essential Oil Safety

Essential oils can be a wonderful addition to your health and wellbeing program. They are derived from natural substances such as trees, fruits, roots and flowers. However, just because they are derived from nature, it doesn’t mean that they are always safe to use. Natural doesn’t equate to safe. Water is safe, but in excess amounts, it can be

Essential Oils and Ingestion

Essential Oils and Ingestion  The ingestion of oils is perhaps one of the most controversial topics amongst users of essential oils, aromatherapy enthusiasts and practitioners. It is controversial because it is a complex area of aromatherapy called aromatic medicine, and one that the average enthusiast or practitioner has not studied in great depth. In the

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