Are Organic Oils Better?

As the debate on the quality of essential oils rises, it is important we do not get caught up in stories, or well meaning sellers, or a brand war. What we need to know is that essential oils are sourced from all around the world based on the best geographical locations for the plants to grow.

Edible Beauty

I do not quite know how to describe my beautiful Edible Facial that the gorgeous Liz Galleghan from gave me this week. Working from her beautiful clinic at Nature’s Energy in Balmain I asked her to describe exactly what she did for me as I actually fell asleep in parts it was that relaxing. The other amazing thing was the taste and smells… It was seriously a sensual heavenly experience like no other! Check this menu and see if you could recreate it in your own home. I have suggested which oils would be perfect to include too!

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