Kim has spent the last several years creating programs for self-care. All her programs are aimed at improving the health and wellness of YOU, the individual, YOUR family and YOUR community through the use of essential oils and ritualised aromatherapy practices. I know that you know self-care is important. I also know that in a busy world where women are the primary carers and nurturers in all areas of life – home, work, family, friends, and community – we easily forget to look after us! This is not OK! YOU must put on your own oxygen mask first!

We truly believe the Chinese proverb “when sleeping women wake, mountains move.” This proverb speaks to the idea of women learning to love themselves and rise. When we as women learn and own our importance, our beauty, our power and our grace. When we honour ourselves and nurture us first, then we are more capable of influencing our worlds and the people we love with our best selves – our kindest, happiest, most joyful self.

It is the most fundamental act of love for living a truly significant and purposeful life.