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There is so much more to Kim Morrison than meets the eye.

Tenacity is probably the first word that comes to mind.  Her journey and all she has accomplished to date has all stemmed from her unwavering self-belief and her deep understanding that you must also take care of yourself first and foremost.

Kim set a world record as the youngest female to run 100miles in less than 24 hours in 1983. Cliff Young was her mentor throughout and still to this day lives by his ethos that success is 90% mental and 10% physical. She has used her running story as a direct metaphor for life – riding the highs, hitting the walls, pushing through the pain barriers, crossing the line and never, ever giving up!

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Kim’s Brands

endorsed and created by Kim


Kim shares her point of view

How to get off the stress express with Sandalwood

I had the pleasure of listening to Dr Libby Weaver recently talking about the challenges for women to get off the stress express. She believes women have less energy and are now more stressed than ever. A lot of women have fathers jobs as well as mothers responsibilities.

10 Top Tips For Getting Organised and Into A Routine

With a return to school, summer holidays over and schedules to be locked in now is the time of year when you really want to form some positive and long-standing habits and routines.

How to transform your bedroom into a boudoir

More Sex ? Try more sexy !!  - Transform your bedroom  into a boudoir.  Dr Christian Northrup, world leading women’s health advocate,

Fall in Love with Goal Setting

Everyone deserves the life they want.  A great life does not mean being a movie star or lotto millionaire,  it just means being happy with who you are and what you have achieved, having positive relationships with the people you love


Self-care is your divine responsibility

Always remember you are Braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, Smarter than you think, and twice as Beautiful as you’d ever imagined

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