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Kim can speak to your team, business or group on a range of motivational and leadership topics.  She will work with you team so they better understand what makes them – and just as importantly – those around them – tick!  Once there is self – awareness of what makes an individual tick people are able to adjust their working styles and approach in order to get the best out of people and achieve outstanding results for the team.

Kim applies these skills when facilitating business and strategic planning sessions to ensure the objectives are met quickly, harmoniously and with every key stakeholder feeling they have been heard.

Kim’s most often requested talks are:

Igniting The Inner Spark – Leadership Without Title – The Ripple Effect

Do you find some people drive you batty? Are pedantic? Or disorganised? Ever wondered why some rub you up the wrong way even before they have opened their mouth? Or find they are just so completely different to you? Well believe it or not those same people are thinking exactly the same about YOU! There is nothing wrong here – in fact it is just a case of finding the right tools and road maps – and understanding the needs of these different types… And when you do, the whole world has a different outlook, your relationships improve, you are less stressed at home and in the workplace and more understanding of what makes people actually tick. World record holder, business woman, author and mother – Kim Morrison – brings a humorous approach to this life-changing presentation. Weaving in real life scenarios and tools on how to ignite that inner spark you will leave feeling empowered, wanting to lead by example and the ability to be a true change agent – for life.

Mastering the Super Woman Juggle

Our guest speaker this month will be one of the Sunshine Coast’s favourite ladies, Kim Morrison from Like Chocolate for Women. The Choccy Chicks, as they are affectionately known, have made it their mission to ensure that we woman take time to look after themselves so we can achieve the incredible goals we set.  As women entrepreneurs, many of us take the superwoman role to extremes, juggling our businesses with families, homes, children and occasionally even social lives.

Kim will share tips about the self-discipline, self-drive and passion that are essential to make any business successful, and how to combine these with the magic of aromatherapy, natural therapies, health and fitness to create powerful daily rituals.  Sounds like a recipe for smooth sailing through the struggles and challenges of being a master juggler and super woman!

The Marathon of Life and Business

Running a business can sometimes feel like you are actually running a marathon. You start with all the excitement, pizazz and belief you will win the race but at some point it seems you get blisters, chafing and god forbid even hit the wall! So how can you prepare for such an event? What does it take to get through those moments of pain and challenge? And how do you keep getting back up every time a wall smacks you right in the face? World record holder and 5 times best-selling author Kim Morrison knows what it takes to create and run a successful business, but she also knows it is not easy, nor is it about luck, genetics or just good timing. Through her own experiences Kim will show you how to treat obstacles as challenges and let downs as lessons and how to have courage, grace, strength and dignity no matter what is happening in your life. More importantly she shares the tools she has learnt to turn her business around, keep it fit, healthy and in tip top shape and how to do it all whilst balancing the juggle of being a multi-tasking super woman and mum!

Other topics Kim can speak about include:

  • Never give up – even in your darkest hours
  • One foot in front of the other – and I promise you will get there
  • Goal setting – where are you headed if you don’t have goals?
  • KPI’s – learning to love and exceed them – they are a goal but you determine the outcome
  • Micro Managers – how to make it work for you